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"Within Without" Special movie.

BHAKによるスペシャルムービーが届きました。ギャラリーからはこのコロナ禍であっても、それでも構わず、必ず開催したいと仰って戴いてました。様々なバックアップをありがとうございます! ーーー A special movie by BHAK has arrived. He said that he would definitely like to hold it, regardless of whether it was during this corona disaster. Thank you for all the backups! ーーー BHAK의 특별한 영화가 도착했습니다. 이번 코로나 재난이 있었는지 여부와 상관없이 꼭 붙잡고 싶다고했다. 모든 백업에 감사드립니다 !

=== Iku Harada「Within Without」 2021.1.7(Thu)〜23(Sat) @BHAK


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