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Iku Harada is a very interesting contemporary artist who works mainly in painting. The motifs in her paintings are very distinctive. She uses the computer graphics world s

he has been creating for the last ten years (she calls it her inner world) as a motif, cut out from the free viewpoint that only a computer can give. Hence, if the painting is cut out as a distant view, it becomes a landscape painting; conversely, if it is very close, it becomes an abstract painting using colored surfaces. In recent years, Harada has also developed installations containing trompe l'oeil elements, without limiting herself to computer-generated graphics images or painted two-dimensional works. This development has established Harada's position in Japan, and in recent years his work has been widely exhibited, including Roppongi Art Night and a group exhibition at ICC. She is currently developing a work at Shibuya Station in Tokyo.


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